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The rights from health insurance, stemming from unemployment, can be exercised by:

- persons entitled to cash benefit on the basis of unemployment, according to the regulations on employment (article 17, paragraph 1, item 12 of the Law on Health Insurance), and

- unemployed persons and other categories of socially disadvantaged persons whose monthly income is below the level determined pursuant to the law (Article 22, Paragraph 1, item 9 of the Law on Health Insurance).

Unemployed persons are entitled to health care and to coverage of travel expenses related to using health care.

During the time period of exercising the right to cash benefit, the beneficiary of cash benefit is entitled to health insurance. During the time period of using the right to cash benefit, the National Employment Service is to perform the calculation and to pay in the contributions for health insurance for all persons who are the beneficiaries of the right to cash benefit. Family members of a cash benefit beneficiary can be insured through the beneficiary if having no other basis of insurance, pursuant to the Law on Health Insurance.

Beneficiaries of cash benefit are entitled to health care, to sickness cash benefit and to coverage of travel expense related to using health care, under the conditions stipulated by the Law on Health Insurance. In other words, these persons are provided with full scale of rights stemming from health insurance.

In case of temporary disablement being developed while an unemployed person is receiving cash benefit, the person is paid benefit in accordance with the regulations on health insurance. However, in cases of cessation of the right to cash benefit, paying cash benefit is to be continued in accordance with the regulations on health insurance, but not longer than 30 days from the day of developing temporary disablement.

Unemployed persons, belonging to the category of socially disadvantaged population and listed in the records of the National Employment Service, although not being the beneficiaries of cash benefits, are entitled to health insurance, only under the condition that their monthly income, per their family member, does not surpass the amount of the net minimal salary, determined pursuant to labour regulations in the month of submitting the application for health insurance.

Contributors exercise the right stemming from health insurance in the territory of branches covering the territory of their residence, and their health insurance card is issued and re-validated by the competent sub-branch or branch of the Republic Institute for Health Insurance, in accordance with their residence.

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