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Contributors are also provided with the coverage of transportation expenses related to using health care, and the escort of the contributor is entitled to covering of these expenses in cases of referring the contributor to a health institution outside the territory of the branch the contributor is insured with, provided that the health institution is at least 50 kilometres away from the place of contributor’s residence.

The Law stipulates that contributors are entitled to coverage of transportation expenses when referred or invited to the territory of another branch by a health institution or a competent commission of physicians to use health care or to have their temporary disablement assessed.

Exceptionally, a contributor referred to haemodialysis, a child of up to 18 years of age and an elderly person seriously mentally or somatically handicapped, referred to daily treatment and rehabilitation to a health institution outside their place of residence, namely a place other than the place in the territory of the branch with which the contributor is insured, is entitled to coverage of transportation expenses on the basis of the opinion provided by a commission of physicians.

In all cases, contributors are entitled to the coverage of expenses in accordance with the shortest route to the place they are referred to in the amount of the bus or second class train fare, or, exceptionally, in accordance with fares of other means of public transportation, if such transportation is necessary.

Contributors are entitled to using transportation by ambulance cars on the basis of estimation provided by a commission of physicians, and if thereof cannot be provided, contributors are entitled to coverage of real transportation expenses, amounting to the maximum of 10% of a litre of petrol cost per every transported kilometre.

Contributor’s escort is also entitled to coverage of transportation expenses, under the same conditions as provided to the contributor, if the competent commission of physicians states the necessity of an escort’s presence.

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