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The system of social insurance occupies one of the key areas in the legal system of the Republic of Serbia, in terms of its volume and number of regulations – from constitutional provisions on human and minority rights and freedoms, and national regulations, to statutory regulations and by-laws. Judiciary of Serbia, in the area of social insurance, also comprises generally accepted principles and rules of the international law and international agreements entered into and acceded to by Serbia.

The term ‘social insurance’, in its narrower sense, comprises all branches of social insurance, while within the framework of legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia it includes: health insurance, retirement and disability insurance and unemployment insurance.

The following laws are in force in the area of social insurance in Serbia:

  • Law on Health Insurance;
  • Law on Heath Care;
  • Law on Retirement and Disability Insurance;
  • Law on Unemployment Insurance;
  • Law on Conditions for Employing Foreign Citizens;
  • Law on Contributions to Compulsory Social Insurance, and
  • Law on Conditions for Posting of Employees to Temporary Work Abroad and Their Protection.

Having in mind continuous changes in our society and in accordance with economic development of Serbia and international standards and tendencies in this area, and obligations in the process of the harmonization of regulations relating to the accession of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union, there is a continuous process of making amendments to the above listed laws, as well as to by-law provisions (codes of rules, statutory regulations, and the like).

Beside the above listed laws, the area of social insurance is also regulated by international bilateral agreements on social insurance which Serbia concluded with other countries, as well as conventions and acts of international organisations such as the International Labour Organisation, the Council of Europe, etc.

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