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Contributors that are compulsorily insured on the basis of employment, self-employed entrepreneurs, as well as the clergy and church employees are, during temporary disablement, entitled to salary compensation during the disablement, the so called sick-leave.

The amount of salary compensation during temporary disablement amounts to 65% of the basis for salary compensation, and the basis is the average salary earned by the contributor in the period of three months preceding his temporary disablement.

The contributor is entitled to salary compensation in the amount of 100% of the basis for compensation in cases of voluntary donation of tissues and organs, as well as in the cases of temporary disablement resulting from occupational injury or occupational disease.

Salary compensation during temporary disablement is to be paid out by the employer during the first 30 days of the disablement. If temporary disablement lasts longer than 30 days, salary compensation, as of day 31, is to be charged to the health insurance funds. If temporary disablement lasts longer than 6 months, or twelve months with interruptions during the previous 18 calendar months, competent commission of physicians sends the contributor to the working ability assessment. Salary compensation during temporary disablement during the procedure of determining working ability of the contributor is to be charged to the retirement and disability insurance funds.

The procedure of assessing health condition, report and opinion of competent commission of physicians, as well as sending the contributor to working ability assessment is regulated by the Law.

If temporary disablement of the contributor develops during his temporary stay abroad, notification on the development of temporary disablement is to be submitted in accordance with the provisions of the agreement on social insurance, while the justifiability of temporary disablement of the contributor that developed in the country with which no agreement on social insurance is concluded, is to be estimated by the commission of physicians of the Republic Fund for Health Insurance branch.

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