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Health insurance

The area of health insurance is regulated by the Law on Health Insurance, the Law on Health Care and other by-laws. The Law on Health insurance defines the circle of contributors, as well as the scope and the
contents of the rights within the framework of the system of compulsory health insurance – all in the aim of providing social security of the citizens of Serbia.

The rights stemming from health insurance are: the right of contributors to health care, the right of contributors to salary compensation during temporary disablement, and the right to compensation of travelling expenses related to exercising health insurance rights.

The funds for exercising health insurance rights are provided by paying in contributions by contributors and other contributories, and are used, in case of a risk, for all contributors. The application of the principle of solidarity and mutuality is thus attained, upon which, beside the principle of compulsion, the whole system of social insurance lies, and therefore the system of health insurance.

The law also stipulates the introduction of voluntary health insurance, as a type of insurance that can provide a wider scope and standard of rights stemming from health insurance. The law stipulates that voluntary insurance can be organised in a form of a parallel, additional or private health insurance.


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