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February 2019, Evaluation of International Advisory Days, Hungary, Belgrade


March 2019, competent authorities negotiations, Republic of Tunisia, Beograd


March 2019, liaison bodies, Hungary, Budapest


May 2019, liaison bodies, French Republic, Paris


June 2019, liaison bodies, Bosna i Hercegovina, Bijeljina


June 2019, 11th meeting of the directors of pension and disability insurance competent institutions of the states formed at the former SFRY federation, Ohrid


June 2019, liaison bodies, People's Republic of China, Belgrade


August 2019, Visit to the rehabilitation centers in Serbia, Republic of Serbia


Septembar 2019, liaison bodies, Turkey, Belgrade


September 2019, liaison bodies, Slovenia, Belgrade


September 2019, competent authorities negotiations, Republic of Poland, Warsaw


October 2019, liaison bodies, Slovenia, Ljubljana


Octobar 2019, liaison bodies, French, Belgrade


October 2019, The World Social Security Forum, Belgium, Brussel


October 2019, Evaluation of International Consalting Days, Germany, Berlin


October 2019, competent authorities negotiations, Republic of Tunisia, Tunis


November 2019, liaison bodies, Montenegro, Belgrade


November 2019, liaison bodies, Russian Federation, Moscow


December 2019, liaison bodies, Republic of Austria, Belgrade




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